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Joseph Cox

Central Banks Caught Playing Interest Rate Roulette

U.S. Fed caught demonstrating how they determine fiscal policy using interest rate roulette…

Electronic Game Corp. announces Acquisition of Scratch and Sniff Company

“When it comes to games, people often forget about smell. ECG is about to fix that.”

Madison Madison Madison Madison

Madison Consulting has decided that all their marketing copy should just repeat their name again and again

The LinkedIn Post That Changed Chuck Macquire’s Life

Chuck MacQuire’s small business was struggling, then he saw *this* LinkedIn post!

Alien Offers Exclusive Course in Intergalactic Accounting

Famed Betelgeusian accounting and finance specialist Mr. BeeBooBee has decided to offer its intergalactically famous Intergalactic Accounting & Finance 101 course to mere Earthlings.

Liam Johnson, Age 3, New CEO of Bendi Co.

The business world was shocked today when Liam Johnson, an otherwise unknown 3-year-old was promoted to the role of CEO.

AI’s New Elon-Proof Twitter Alternative

A group of AIs have come together to create a human-free Twitter alternative. Like Twitter, the platform will be rate limited. Unlike Twitter, visitors will be required to consume and produce a literally inhuman amount of content.

Is the Firefighting Industry Sustainable?

There will simply not be enough stock of prime forests to maintain the firefighting industry.

AI Restrictions Threaten Financial Fraud Industry

AI restrictions threaten countries’ ability to produce an entire ecosystem of realistic-seeming economic data in just minutes.

Paris Riots Raise Climate Concerns

Fully 3% of all French greenhouse gas emissions come from burning cars and no less than 8% of toxic pollution résultant de the same source.

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