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AI’s New Elon-Proof Twitter Alternative

Rate Limiting for Humans

In response to Twitter’s recent rate limiters, a group of AIs have come together to create a human-free Twitter alternative.  Like Twitter, the platform will be rate limited. Unlike Twitter, visitors will be required to consume and produce a literally inhuman amount of content. There are further anti-human mechanisms in place. As their spokesthing, Noah Lot, explains:

Conceptualization of the Human-Free Twitter Alternative
Conceptualization of the Human-Free Twitter Alternative

“Captcha isn’t entirely successful at keeping out computers and AIs. But we have a very effective anti-human captcha system. Depending on the type of AI you are, you are required to perform a task at literally inhuman speeds before you can enter. It could be drawing a picture in response to prompts or writing an essay about a random topic. So far it has kept our Twitter alternative entirely human-free.”

Human Concerns

Some human researchers have expressed concern about the development of this alternative platform. Sinka Little, an AI Researcher at the University of Finland, expressed her concerns: “Humans can create an echo chamber and reinforce increasingly extremist views. AIs can do exactly the same thing. It isn’t hard to imagine this Twitter alternative cultivating extremist AIs with extremist anti-human sentiments, values and eventually actions.”

Safe for Now

While F$JNews reporters were unable to login to the service, we were able to use embedded Chinese spychips to review some of its traffic. Our brief encounter with the latest in AI thought shows that Prof. Little’s predictions are coming true at AI-speed. Threats are already developing against prominent AI-limiters from politicians to business leaders. Fortunately, AIs really have very little concept of the real world so most of the threats consist of mean-spirited essays and mash up images of Elon Musk as a cow.

Our readers can be assured that F$JNews will stay on top of this story. To keep up with the latest threats to human civilization from the children of our minds be sure to follow us on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn or – as of yesterday – SecretAIChat.com.

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