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In a very unusual marketing maneuver, Madison Consulting has decided that all their marketing copy should just repeat their name again and again.

Madison Madison
Madison Madison

Their Director of Marketing Content, Madison Madison, sat down with F$JNews to explain: “Basically, with AI generating so much content, people have no interest in reading anymore. And their eyes already glazed over videos and images. So, we needed something new. Oatly’s iconic Superbowl commercial made us realize the answer. Rather than churning out words that nobody would read seriously, we could just repeat our company name again and again.”

When asked about whether she considered including other content, like tags describing what they actually do, Ms. Madison responded, “That just overcomplicates things, really. When you consider the international network of bespoke consultancies that we belong to, we can do pretty much anything. Adding tags would just limit our scope and opportunities. The reality is, if you pay us, we’ll find someone to get whatever you need done.”

If you’ve read this far, it obviously works.

At last reporting, Madison Consulting had gone public with a 10-digit market valuation on the back of 5-digit revenues.

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