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Madison Madison Madison Madison

Madison Consulting has decided that all their marketing copy should just repeat their name again and again

The LinkedIn Post That Changed Chuck Macquire’s Life

Chuck MacQuire’s small business was struggling, then he saw *this* LinkedIn post!

Liam Johnson, Age 3, New CEO of Bendi Co.

The business world was shocked today when Liam Johnson, an otherwise unknown 3-year-old was promoted to the role of CEO.

COO Sees ‘Face of Business’ During LSD Trip

“I suddenly understood everything. The whole organization was like a living organism before my eyes… I understood what factors had the largest impact on the business – even the non-obvious ones. I could see past the existing data and into the truth of the corporation. I could sense redundancies and inefficiencies and picture the effects of remediating them. I could understand the implications of every decision I could make. It was a pure business revelation.”

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