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AI Restrictions Threaten Financial Fraud Industry

While Graphics Processor Unit suppliers have expressed general concerns about export-related AI restrictions, one company faces a very particular and devastating threat: Financial Fraud International.

Financial Fraud International, or FFI, occupies a unique niche in the AI industry. As their CEO, Mayid Ityup, explains: “Major economies like Russia, China and Brazil need to produce realistic-seeming economic data. Traditionally, this effort has required hundreds of thousands of manhours and the result was not particularly believable. With FFI’s AI technology, those countries can produce an entire ecosystem of realistic-seeming economic data in just minutes.”

The Symbol of the Financial Fraud Industry
The Symbol of the Financial Fraud Industry

What really sets FFI apart is their ‘Deep Fake’ technology. Instead of just producing headline numbers, FFI can produce many layers of economic fiction, providing a picture that nerdy analysts and right-minded journalists can dig into and actually convince themselves is true.

“It is really critical to these countries that citizens, investors and foreign powers believe their data. If doubts were easy enough to raise, confidence could vanish and economies, political systems and even ideologies could collapse – publicly.”

FFI is proud of offering additional AI-based technologies to reinforce their Deep Fake technology. For additional fees, they can set up different economic bureaus and even non-existent private companies that will answer phones and verify data to callers.

When asked about the impact of Chinese sales restrictions, Mr. Ityup had this to say: “The restrictions in China are already being felt. You’ve noticed Chinese has cut off foreign access to their data terminals. Despite the public messaging, this has nothing to do their fear of espionage and everything to do with those systems sharing poorly produced economic fictions that only Chinese themselves can be forced to pretend to believe.”

FFI does see one bright spot in the world of ballooning nationalist AI trade restrictions.

“Frankly, our supply is constrained by the availability of chips. The challenges in selling to China and others have forced us to develop the higher margin private market. From DEI startups falsifying subscriber numbers to major public corporations wanting to smooth things over a bit, FFI can really help. Our audit-proof add-ons can represent customers, banks and vendors. This is State-Actor Grade technology, but it now available to private companies. Oh, and because we know it can be embarrassing to need our services, we take care to deliver our systems in discrete brown boxes labeled ‘Wichita Book Exchange.’”

When asked about FFI’s own financial performance, Mr. Ityup said: “We are doing just great. Investors really should be pouring in. I mean, just look at our numbers!”

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