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The LinkedIn Post That Changed Chuck Macquire’s Life

Chuck's Life was Changed by a LinkedIn Post
Chuck’s Life was Changed by a LinkedIn Post

Chuck’s Life Before

It was 2018, and my small business was really really struggling. I had a dog petting business, but I had only one client, myself. Oh, I didn’t pet myself, I petted my dog! But my dog was very hungry, because I didn’t have any other customers. I thought maybe that was the circular economy, you know. But it didn’t seem to work.

Anyway, I was following all the right business advice. I was specialized. No dog walking or dog grooming. Just petting. I was the best dog petter around. I was pitching people on LinkedIn. I had case studies and videos and all sorts of stuff. But it wasn’t going anywhere.

The Video

The Resilient Kitten
The Resilient Kitten

Then I saw the LinkedIn post that changed my life.

It was that video of the kitten who tries to crawl on top of the ball of yarn, you know. So silly. It really made me laugh. But you know what? The kitten eventually makes it. There was text with the video, talking about the importance of resilience. And you know what, it was exactly what I needed.

It changed everything.


Today? Today, I’m still in the dog petting business. I still only have one customer and we’re both hungry. But now I know it will work out. I just need to be resilient, just like that kitten!

You know, you should watch the video too, it could change your life!

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