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Electronic Game Corp. announces Acquisition of Scratch and Sniff Company

ECG stunned the gaming world with another innovative and unexpected innovation: scratch and sniff.

Scratch and Sniff Gaming
Scratch and Sniff Gaming

ECG is known globally for their highly immersive games. ECG prides itself on its gamers feeling the full gamut of possible emotional experiences – from excitement, to excitement to (even) excitement! To deliver all this excitement, ECG makes excellent use of visual, aural and even haptic feedback. However, even their most advanced gamers, using their most advanced games, were missing out on two vital senses: taste and smell.

ECG’s Director of Gaming Technology, Mr. Zippy, explains: “People forget about smell. But smell plays a key role in all sorts of hormonal reactions. Dogs can smell fear, I believe we can too. And don’t even get me started with excitement.”

The challenge is that smell-based delivery systems have been hampered by the complexity of the forgotten sense. “People have tried to develop tech to deliver smells on demand, but nobody has succeeded.”

ECG realized their way around this problem. Scratch and Sniff.

“Basically, we’ll start like Netflix did. You’ll be able to order a Scratch and Sniff module for your game of choice and we’ll mail it to you. It will contain a variety of smells and a certain number of ‘sniffs’ per smell. But unlike an old-school scratch and sniff, this one is Bluetooth-enabled. Your computer will be able to activate the appropriate scents at the appropriate points in our games – from pheromones to fearimones. Your immersion will be complete.”

So if you want to get even further from real life, ECG is paving the way.

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