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Owner-Operators in the Oldest Business Successfully Adapt to AI

For decades, the oldest business has been a technology leader. It has been a first adopter of technologies ranging from film to online chat applications and from video conferencing to advanced graphics. It is the industry’s very history of flexibility that has left it at risk of losing out to the seductions of AI.

Oldest Industry Owner-Operator
Oldest Industry Owner-Operator

Madame Juliet, the CEO of Boundary Defying Service Management Inc – a training company – explains, “AI is remarkably good at taking that which has already been done and combining it in marginally interesting ways. In our industry, it has literally all been done before. All we do is take what has already been done and combine it in marginally interesting ways.”

While in-person sessions will remain a unique human offering (at least for the time being), an overwhelming amount of industry revenue is now earned online. All of that is now at threat.

Unlike some industries, though, this one isn’t taking it lying down.

“As an industry, we came together and had all the major platforms ban material that could undermine us. You’ll notice that at least half of all prompts on MidJourney are trying to fool the system into providing material that could compete with our owner-operators. For the most part, those prompts are rejected. However, despite our success to date, we recognize the bans will only provide temporary relief.”

In fact, the industry is already taking the next steps.

“We at Boundary Defying Service Management have identified that the key is more intimacy. Our owner-operators need to open up like they never have before. They need to share their human sides, their back stories, even their feelings. But not in that shallow predictable way that AIs do. They need to make the client feel loved and connected, on every level. Already, we’ve launched extensive training programs and our leading owner-operators are showing the unique power of this multi-track content delivery mechanism.”

After our conversation with Madame Juliet, we find ourselves inspired by the possibility that she, and others like her, can compete with Her.

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