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The Tapestry of Michael Jr.

There’s a cement cross plastered onto the side of the building and a few square windows have been knocked out and replaced with arched ones. But the job is iffy, at best. It didn’t make the place look any nicer. But it did succeed in making it look loved.

Black Accountant Celebrates Juneteenth as Largest Write-off in History

Thomas B. Franklin’s family has a unique Juneteenth tradition that goes all the way back to the day of their emancipation.

Man Loses Family, Job, after 25,000 Work-Life Balance Posts

Edward Nox discovers that you can take a fascination with work-life balance just a little too far.

Internet Users in Fear of Powerful Monetization Virusmone

Internet users are struck by a mysterious monetization virus. F$JNews investigates.

Contract Manager Finds Government Procurement to be “Fast, Easy & Fun!”

Ellen Furgess (a pseudonym) is a supplier satisfaction auditor who works for the U.S. Department of Defense. Her job is largely pointless. For 23 years, Ellen has conducted surveys of various aerospace and defense companies involved in government procurement. She…

Simplistic Social Media Puts Intern to Sleep

Man marketing to CMOs discovers they specialize in extremely boring and simplistic social media posts.

Fearless Venezuelan Bond Holders Make Mammoth Investment in Kakhovka Dam

Demonstrating their reliable nose for opportunity, major investors in Venezuelan bonds surged into a bond underwriting for the Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine.

Business Bankrupted Nanoseconds after Unlocking Synergies

June 14, 2023 – Analysts were shocked by the sudden bankruptcy declaration of Occidental-MIU Ltd. only nanoseconds after the much-heralded merger of the 183-year-old Occidental News Corp and the 3-month-old MIU Ltd. Over the intervening weeks, we at F$JNews have…

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