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Simplistic Social Media Puts Intern to Sleep

Modiin, Israel, Jun 16th, 2023 – Digital Marketing intern Phil Harmony was hired three days ago by the unknown and completely unremarkable publishing company F$JNews. His job was simple: identify potential clients, comment on their LinkedIn feeds and try to build the seeds of a relationship that might possibly be turned into actual revenue-generating business. Of course, that business would only come after potential clients stopped laughing at the poor quality, skimpy editing, and generously bland content offered by F$JNews.

Phil, Overwhelmed by LinkedIn
Phil, Overwhelmed by LinkedIn

Phil’s efforts started off well. Within three days, he had determined the ideal target industry, identified his top 100 potential client companies (that’s you) and even picked the role he would target in his commenting efforts: Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs). Joseph Cox, the F$JNews CEO was admiring his efforts when Phil started into the most arduous part of his task: sucking up to the CMOs online.

Phil soon discovered that rather than being remarkably erudite and interesting, most CMOs (not you, of course) were producing the same sort of uninspiring, repetitive, uplifting and validating commentary as everybody else. In other words, they produced boring and simplistic social media posts. Phil succeeded in hitting the like button 15 times and adding 14 “Love it! What an insight!” comments before he finally succumbed to the meaningless of it all.


As Phil is sleeping, he was not available to comment on this article.

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