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Dictator Shares Secrets at Kindergarten Career Fair

President-Prime-Minister-for-Life Yevgeny Khomeni Chen delighted local kindergarten students when he made a surprise appearance at their ‘Career Fair 23’ event.

Prigozhin Retires from Wagner, Becomes Life Coach

F$JNews had the chance to catch up with the famous mercenary at his new office on the 12th floor of the new Defenestration Tower in downtown Belarus.

COO Sees ‘Face of Business’ During LSD Trip

“I suddenly understood everything. The whole organization was like a living organism before my eyes… I understood what factors had the largest impact on the business – even the non-obvious ones. I could see past the existing data and into the truth of the corporation. I could sense redundancies and inefficiencies and picture the effects of remediating them. I could understand the implications of every decision I could make. It was a pure business revelation.”

Contract Manager Finds Government Procurement to be “Fast, Easy & Fun!”

Ellen Furgess (a pseudonym) is a supplier satisfaction auditor who works for the U.S. Department of Defense. Her job is largely pointless. For 23 years, Ellen has conducted surveys of various aerospace and defense companies involved in government procurement. She…

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