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Pure Content in the Wilderness: A Journey

I visit a small village that has rejected the world of AI.

Established Authors Sue First-Timers

I received a threatening letter from the Author’s Union that perfectly mimics the letter written to the AI companies…

Facebook’s Self-Driving Car is Amazing

Facebook has completed the development of a long anticipated self-driving car.

AI’s New Elon-Proof Twitter Alternative

A group of AIs have come together to create a human-free Twitter alternative. Like Twitter, the platform will be rate limited. Unlike Twitter, visitors will be required to consume and produce a literally inhuman amount of content.

AI Restrictions Threaten Financial Fraud Industry

AI restrictions threaten countries’ ability to produce an entire ecosystem of realistic-seeming economic data in just minutes.

Aliens Threaten to Destroy Earth Because of AI

AI is basically the Athletes Foot of the universe – it’s damned uncomfortable and it’s really annoying to eradicate.

New AI Rescues Readers from AI-Generated Blather

I was reading LinkedIn on the can one day and I found myself wondering just how much of my feed was AI-generated regurgitated pap created by so-called ‘content creators’

To Investors, Manure Company Smells Like Roses

I approach the trailer cautiously. Although I’m expected, people have been known to get shot knocking on the wrong doors in these parts. But there is to be no unfriendly greeting today. Instead, before I even reach the door, a big man with happily bobbing jowls opens the door and steps outside.

“Well, hi there!” he says, “Y’all must be the reporters from FSJNews.”

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