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New EVTOL Shocks Industry

The aviation world was shocked today when Flight of Fantasy’s new EVTOL managed to carry out a full day of fully laden flight at advertised distances with projected on-the-ground turnaround times. To understand more about how this was accomplished, F$JNews reached out to Flight of Fancy’s colorful founder, Hitten daPipe, for a brief interview.

Flight of Fancy's new EVTOL
Flight of Fancy’s new EVTOL

“Mr. DaPipe, how did your new start-up reach a milestone that has remained out of everybody’s reach despite their investment of years of effort and tens of billions of dollars?”

“Well, most EVTOLs rely on multiple small blades to lift the aircraft, resulting in significant losses in vertical efficiency. In addition, they use cumbersome electric batteries that are slow to charge and costly to lug around. Our EVTOL is based on all new ‘Pie in the Sky’ technology. While electrically powered, our energy storage system is based on all-natural high-fructose apple pie filling. The world is objecting to high-fructose corn syrup as a food, so we take all that excess and undesired capacity and turn it into aviation fuel.”

You mentioned avoiding small blades. What does the Flight of Fancy use for vertical lift?”

“There’s an old principle in helicopter design. Helicopters don’t actually fly; they just repel the earth due to how ugly they are. Well, the ‘Pie in the Sky’ relies on an equally innovative levitation technology. We actually spin the entire pie, with micro-actuated surfaces along the outer edge and bottom of the craft providing lift. The cabin is mounted on bearings and is gyro-stabilized to provide a smooth ride while the exterior of the craft rotates violently around the cab.”

Do you have any concerns about certification?”

DaPipe with a Scale Model of his EVTOL
DaPipe with a Scale Model of his EVTOL

“Well, we have experienced one challenge during testing. Due to the high amount of bearing friction, it can get rather hot inside the pie. We used bags of apples and sugar as the cargo for our demonstration flights and they came out, well… cooked. It is okay, though. We have signed an exclusive partnership with Lazy Susan, Inc. – not only the most established but the most advanced food-related bearing companies. We are confident we’ll find the perfect recipe any day now.”

Wow, that all sounds so exciting! Is there a place at the show where we can learn more about your technology?”

“You can do more than learn! You can actually taste the technology. Just come by the Pie in the Sky Café in Hall 5! Shares may only be available at a $3.2 billion dollar valuation, but miniature edible models of our latest EVTOL can be had for only €5 each!”

While the crowds all rush to Flight of Fancy’s Cafe, you might be interested in something aerospace-related that is a little off the beaten path – and a whole lot more practical. To learn more, contact us via the contact form here.

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